21 March 2012

Wrongful Birth?

So I'm sure you've heard of wrongful death lawsuits. A few weeks ago, I read an article that made me stop and think about the direction in which our culture is heading. I am SO thankful to be working on the front lines to bring about a culture of life! Praise God!

I would post the article for you to read for yourself, but it's been taken down.

A brief synopsis of the article:
There was a couple in California who is suing a hospital for wrongful birth. During this woman's amniocentesis (a procedure where a needle is inserted into the woman's uterus to gather amniotic fluid to do pre-partum tests on the baby), the doctor somehow got fluid from the woman's body that was not amniotic, and therefore the tests were for her body, not for the baby. The tests came out normal (because she was a normal woman) and when the baby was born, the parents were shocked to find that the baby had Down's Syndrome. Fast forward to four years later, the couple is suing the hospital because they say that if they had known that their child had Down's Syndrome, they would have aborted her.

I can not imagine holding your child in your arms and telling someone you would have aborted her, given the chance.

I hope and pray that one day, the parents of that little girl can feel the way that the parents of these children in this video feel. Watch and enjoy, and praise God for the gift of life in all forms!

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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