08 June 2012

Ordering Faculties

Well, things are looking up here at FOCUS New Staff Training. We are nearing the end of week two (of five), finally "settled" into the schedule, and the second year missionaries are LOVING Dr. Sri's lectures on the Gospels and Acts!

Please keep the first year missionaries in your prayers, they are overwhelmed in these beginning stages of fundraising an entire salary (go figure!!) and could really use some extra prayers. Pray for their trust in the Lord, their potential mission partners, and their families, especially those who are struggling with the idea of this radical mission. I would love your prayers as well; I, too, will be spending a significant amount of time fundraising this summer. All for the Kingdom!!

Last week we discussed our faculties in class. I'm sure most of you know the four faculties: intellect, will, emotion, and appetite. Now that I'm out of the little funk I was in, (I had a REALLY tough week last week) I can see how my emotions were totally controlling me. I've decided to feed my intellect so as to have it rule over the other faculties. I have done this by a more intense devotion to the Liturgy of the Hours, my daily Rosary, reading, and having intentionally intellectual conversations. Right now I am reading Part IV of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (on prayer), True Friendship (John Cuddeback), Total Money Makeover (Ramsay), and my must-have fiction, Father Elijah (O'Brien). They are all SO great and I am learning so much. Though I'm fairly certain I will never go to graduate school or "continue my education," I am quite sure I will never stop learning. I LOVE IT! One of my dorky goals is to read all of the books in the curriculum for the Masters of Great Books at St. John's University in New York. (The reading list is online!)

I am getting excited about being in Ft. Myers this fall. How can anyone contemplate the ocean without contemplating the God who created all things?!!

Also, check out this little gem I found about Jesus Christ while meditating on CCC 2666:
His name is the only one that contains the presence it signifies.

It's time for Night Prayer and my Rosary! Do you have any intentions I can pray for? Leave them in the comments!

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

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