13 December 2012

Expect the Unexpected

... should be the motto of the Christian life.

Isn't God always asking us to go way outside of our comfort zones? Sometimes I get frustrated that my life isn't the fairytale I thought it'd be, but as I've been pouring over Scriptures, I have not found anywhere that Jesus said that following Him would be easy! Go figure! At least He's honest!!

This Advent, He has been preparing my heart to receive Him in radical new ways.

I've been able to see a lot of my past failures in a new light. Instead of being disappointed with myself for not achieving some ridiculous standard I set for myself, I'm asking the Lord to show me how I've disappointed Him. I'm learning that the line between relativism and being judgmental is very fine, and I've fallen on both sides at different times.

I'm learning about how universal our Church really is and how beautiful it is that God works through all people at all times to draw us near to Him. I've always been comfortable with His love for me, but I'm learning to love His love for humanity as a whole. How reckless and beautiful is His Love?!

I've found in myself a deep longing for Heaven. Sure, the Earth is great and all, and for the most part, I like it here ;) but I know that it's not what I was made for! I think the idea of eternity is incomprehensible for us who are in mortal bodies (how can a three dimensional creature conceive of a fourth dimension?), but C.S. Lewis and many other authors describe it as more real than our current reality. That's comforting for me, especially in modern times when reality is often scripted and fake. Truth always wins though!

I hope that my heart and yours can truly be a resting place for Him this Advent Season!

In the new calendar year, I plan on being a more active part of the blogosphere, and my blogs will probably be more interesting, so stay tuned!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Queen of the Americas, and Saint Lucy, pray for us!

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