06 October 2014

You Could Do A Lot Worse

Last week my roommate was gone for 8 days. It.was.awesome.

The best part about it was that on the day she left, I cleaned the entire apartment and it stayed that way for over a week. #success

I am an extrovert through and through. I don't love coming home to an empty house. I think I've written this here before but sometimes in college if I got home and no one was there I would immediately leave and go find someone to hang out with.

This past week alllllllllmost makes me want to live alone when I move to Denver. Almost.

Within 3 days of her getting back, both sides of the sink and two counters were full of dirty dishes, the pantry and laundry rooms were in utter disarray, and the fridge was filled yet again with random boxes of leftovers and half full jars of who knows what.

The problem with a messy kitchen is that I can't won't cook in it. The thought of cooking in a messy kitchen stresses me out and I don't care enough to spend an hour to clean up her mess so that I can cook dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. (I've tried to just clean up after her and not say anything but I get resentful and angry because she doesn't notice or care and it just gets messy again.)

Tonight when I got home she was making something and after she finished I initiated some cleaning by putting some of the clean dishes away. She followed suit and we cleaned the kitchen together. It was good!
Right as we were about to finish up she put this flimsy plastic cutting board behind the faucet of the sink against the back splash. I grabbed it and went to put it away and she said it was fine where it was. I  said that it was in the way and looked bad there so I put it away in the cabinet where it belongs. She came back with a snarky comment (this is not unusual for her) about how I needed everything to look like a hotel. I mentioned that it didn't need to look like a hotel, I just wanted everything to be in its place. To which she responded, "Yep, which is why I will never live with anyone again."

So here's my passive aggressive note to my passive aggressive roommate who doesn't read this blog:

You could do a lot worse.

To the patron saint of me becoming holy enough to refrain from posting posts like this in the future, pray for me.... and I'll pray for you... because you've got a lot of work to do.

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  1. I feel the same way about a messy kitchen. A sink is a work space, not a storage space. If you're not working on something in it, it should be empty! Luckily, my last roommate and I sat down on the first day and made a list of things we expected in terms of cleanliness and courtesy. It worked out great, and I've never lived in such a conflict-free situation!