11 July 2015

Life Update

Two posts in one day!

I have been thinking about my little blog- just unable to post due to lack of internet.... which has afforded me the time to watch Downton Abbey from the beginning. I'm in the middle of season 5 now, and just to give you an idea of my feelings, I've added this conversation between a friend and I from season 2.

Me: Tell me why I'm obsessed with Matthew Crawley.
Her: I know, same.
Me: What if I love him more than I love my real husband?
Her: These are legitimate concerns.

Anyways, moving on.

As most of you know, I have been working towards moving to Denver for approximately 18 months. I never prayed really specifically about it, I just wanted to do it and figured that if it was God's will He would make it happen. Now that it's closer, of course I've been praying about it in much more specific ways. Back in February I got some contacts of people who work with me in different jobs and I've found my (for now) dream job. I had a phone conversation with the boss of the team I want to be on a few months ago and he told me he didn't think anything would come open in Denver.

Side note: I'm really burnt out on my current job, so I decided I would give it some time (until July 1st specifically) until I started applying for jobs outside of my firm.

By this point I was hooked on the job, and after praying about it, I thought maybe Denver really wasn't where God was calling me. So I applied for the same job in other places... Chicago, Raleigh. I just figured I'd toss it up and see what God would do with that. It was really freeing and I felt like I was trusting Him fully for the first time since FOCUS.

Nothing ever came of any of the other locations... and then on July 1st, I got an email from the manager of the team I wanted to be on telling me that there was a spot open in Denver, asking if I was going to apply.


Not only did he remember our conversation, I had made an impression on him, and he was interested in interviewing me. AND he'd been getting applications for two weeks, so my thought is maybe he wasn't too excited about any of the candidates so far... but that's just a guess. Also, the client that I would be working with, if I get this job, is a Catholic Hospital run by a group of Sisters in Denver.  It's almost too perfect.

I had my interview on Thursday, and the manager is looking to move quickly on this, so he says I'll know by early next week. That makes me nervous because all the other candidates are in Denver, so I had to interview well enough to give him a reason to move me out there, and I'm second guessing myself.

The bottom line is that God is good, and although I don't know what his plan is, I know that it is good.

St. Josemaria, pray for me!

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