13 May 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

As I have previously mentioned, I strongly dislike change.

My mom said that I've been bad at goodbyes ever since I was little. Apparently, when it was time to leave grandpa's house, I would run away so that I didn't have to kiss him goodbye, and he'd have to come find me and force me to say bye to him before my mom dragged me away crying.

This week has been crazy. Two of my roommates (and a few other friends) graduated from Auburn! (Congratulations!) Their graduation party was a blast from the past with big names like Jenn and Philip (and their little one, Joseph!), Helen HunterRoss, and CeeCee making appearances. We are so blessed!

Yesterday, I said goodbye to Auburn and made the long trek back to Southlake. I cried most of the way to Meridian, Mississippi. I know I'll be back in Auburn in August, and that the summer will surely fly by, but it was still really difficult to leave. When I return in the fall, things will be different. I'll be a FOCUS Missionary!

I got my new FOCUS email address and I can not believe this is really happening! The Lord is allowing me to serve Him through FOCUS and I could not be more excited. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to give up everything that I am in order to follow Christ and allow Him to work in me and through me.

Last night, I was privileged to have a stimulating conversation with a dear friend of the family, Melba, about FOCUS' role in the New Evangelization. We discussed the need for the re-evangelization of our culture and the way that current college students will impact the world. Praise God! I pray for the opportunity to have many more conversations like this one in the next two years.

Being in Southlake for the summer will be difficult in many ways. I do not have people here who will hold me accountable to daily Mass and holy hours. When I'm going to pray for myself, I have a hard time finding motivation, but if you send me your prayer requests (through comments, email or text messages), I will feel obliged to go pray for you, which will be really great, and you can pray for me as well!

Does anyone know if there is a patron saint for making lists?

Saint Anne, grandmother of Jesus, pray for us!


  1. I miss you already! Please keep blogging so I can hear about your life!

  2. I loved seeing you in Auburn! From my past year's experience, detachment from friends, family and Auburn is really hard and it hurts, but God is just making more room in your heart for Himself! That is my opinion anyways. :) Keep praying!! You are in my prayers!