10 March 2013

Photoshoot Fun!

One of my friends from high school is a budding photographer, and she asked me to be one of her first models. What an honor!! 

I picked out some of my favorites, and wanted to show you! I suppose posting pictures of myself is kinda like hanging a framed photo of myself on my own wall, but  I'm doing this to showcase her talent! I can't help it if "ridiculously good looking" gets thrown in the mix! 

If you like what you see, you should "like" her facebook page: Aria Daffern Photography... or ask me out for coffee. Hahaha, I kill myself.

For those of you who've never seen my eyes fully open, there you have it! They are green!

My face looks weird in that one (it was super windy and I was trying to keep my squinty eyes open!), but the background is AMAZING.

Fun Fact: I have a freckle on my lip.

(Typical smart ass face)

I like how my hair looks in this one.

I was just playing around in this one, but the picture turned out remarkably well. Laura Slanovits, do you read this blog?

So there you have it! Go like her page! 

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