19 January 2015

Dream Day

Today I am continuing my record breaking streak of not studying for the CFP. As of January 1, I gave up Netflix, Hulu+, and Amazon Prime... so you can imagine I've gotten pretty creative with how I spend my time... since approximately 3 hours or less in the last 18 days have gone towards studying.

I just can't get motivated. The material is super boring, and also super dense and I just feel like I'm drowning every time I pick up the book. This all ends tomorrow though, I've made a schedule, broken down the books into bite size chunks, and I'm ready to go.

As for today... today I had a dream day. I thought about all the things I'm going to do after I pass the CFP. I made plans for all the things I wish I could do in the next two months but will have to put off until after this horrid test is a thing of the past. (Please, God, let me pass the first time.)

In addition to the things that I'm doing this year for my 30 Before 30 list, here are a few other things I plan on doing after the CFP is over:

  • finish reading Wuthering Heights
  • clean out my moms garage and the closet in my old bedroom
  • get gazelle-like about paying off student loans/budget more seriously
  • read a business book
  • visit NOLA and Denver and Auburn
  • revamp the wardrobe
  • get a serious prayer schedule and stick to it
The CFP is in two months and 4 days... after that, FREEDOM. 

Patron Saint of Motivation, please please please pray for me. 

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