01 February 2015

Late Night Student Loan Ramblings

Sometimes when I can't sleep I crunch numbers. This is real life in my world... it's insane.

Today I filed my taxes.

In February I will get my tax return, my Q4 Bonus, and my reimbursement from some of my CFP classes from a while back. The bonus is the only variable I don't know yet, but I have an idea of what it might be.

The student loan I'm working at right now has a balance of about $9000 and an interest rate that it so high I won't even bother you with the number. Let's just say that it is highway freaking robbery, and I couldn't even count that high until I was like in first grade.

These three inflows of cash in conjunction with me packing it up and moving back into the old mom's house for a few months will leave me with just about enough to pay off 70% of this loan. It's possible that, in the next 2-3 months, I could have that loan paid off entirely. Also, the next loan is only $1900, so with my bonus in May I should pay that off as well. PROGRESS!!!!!

St. Matthew the Publican, pray for us.

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