06 June 2015

A Quality of Beauty and Intensity of Emotion

Hello, blogosphere.

It seems I've been away for a while, my excuse is that I no longer have internet at home, and I prefer not to blog from my phone.

I've been busy lately- preparing to move (location: still unknown) and praying that God will grant me many opportunities to concretely trust Him and His will.

I'm looking actively for a new job, within my company for now. I've found the job that I want, my current dream job, and I've already had my HR "screening" interview. It went very well but I'm concerned that the HR Staffing Consultant isn't fully aware of what my current job entails, so that makes me nervous, especially because we ran out of time and she didn't ask me many questions about it. Long story, short: opportunity to trust God.

There is a job opportunity in Raleigh, NC and I would LOVE it there, I think. This is the first time since I started my finance career that I feel like I've really given the reins to Him to help me make decisions. I know what job I want, I know that I want to move, I just don't know where He wants me or where I want to be, so I'm trusting that He will direct my path. On some level I feel like God might be calling me to Nashville, but there are no jobs open there, so I'm going to leave that one up to Him.

I'm also intentionally taking time to accomplish tasks on my 30 before 30 list.

I recently started a new/revamped an old skin care regimen and have been trying to make exercise a part of my daily life. Katelyn and I are preparing for our 5k in two months, so I'm trying to run 3 times per week (trying being the operative word) and I'm successfully doing a dumbbell/strength training/toning work out on the off days. The weight workouts don't make me feel as accomplished as the running, but it's good to have balance. My skin care regimen is a game changer. I'm actually taking off my make up before bed, moisturizing, and falling asleep much faster. (Could also be due to lack of internet.) My process starts with cleansing with Cetaphil, then I use the calming kit from Dermalogica. My capillaries are very close to the skin in my face, which is why my cheeks are red a lot. The calming kit has really helped, and even with my sensitive skin, the Dermalogica works great. I spray my skin with a calming serum, then I use their anhydrous moisturizer called Barrier Repair. I follow that up with some eye cream, and voila, ready for bed. I think there is rosemary and lavender in the serum, which really calms and relaxes my skin and my mind. So there you have it.

In addition to those things, I've been trying to write more. One of my 30 before 30 goals was to write poetry every day for a month. I decided June would be great because I knew that if I did this in the fall, I would only write about the weather, because fall is my favorite season. I'm learning a lot about what's important to me. I spend 80% of my day talking and thinking about things that I would never write about because in the grand scheme of things, they just don't matter. That's an eye opener. I  have spent the majority of the last few days writing about my vocation and the rough draft poems really communicate a sense of longing, which I suppose is pretty central to who I am right now. Last night I wanted to go a different direction, so I scribbled some thoughts about the seven deadly sins.


Poetry is really interesting. I suppose I should have read more poetry before I decided to become a scratch paper poet, but I thought if I did that I may just have been trying to rip people off and copy their stuff, and I also wouldn't feel good about my own writing if I was comparing it to the likes of Emerson, Poe, Frost, and David the Psalmist. I'm learning a lot about myself and I'm only 6 days in. This was the original objective of the goal, so I'm happy with it.

St. Anne, pray for us. 

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