18 January 2016

Dear Jesus, Please Respond in the Comments.

I have a new Saint Servant of God best friend. I've admired her from afar for a few years but I'm reading her journal right now and I just love her so much. Her name is Elisabeth Leseur and she is so worldly and so holy at the same time, I just wish she could be my spiritual director.

One of the things I especially love about her is that in her journal, every few entries she talks about new resolutions to do God's will better. She makes these resolutions at the turn of new calendar years and new liturgical seasons, and she's constantly talking about becoming a new self. I'm not sure she realized how often she wrote about changing her ways, but reading through the journal chronologically, it was a lot. She never dwells on why she needs to become new, only mentioning short comings here and there. She always talks about who she is renewing herself for: Jesus, and "the one whom my soul loves most," her beloved atheist husband, Felix.

I remember when I was a missionary, every single Sunday I would walk into the Church before Mass and reflect on the ways that I'd screwed up that week. The lists were long. I was so thankful that God never stopped giving me chances to become better each week. It was like I was taking life one week at a time, always failing, and always getting back up for another round.

These days, the days drag on and the months fly by. Its a very odd sensation. I'm still immensely grateful that the Lord's mercies are new every morning because I'm still a terrible sinner and desperately in need of God's grace.

Since FOCUS Conference and a "young adult" group starting at my parish, I have some questions. They're questions for myself, for God, and for you, if you have answers.

I know everyone's circumstances are different and everyone's called to holiness that looks different, but what does a holy young adult's life look like? (After all, isn't this our ultimate goal?) There have got to be some common threads.

What kind of support does a young adult need from a priest? from a parish? from a young adult group?

How can we build an atmosphere that welcomes both saints and sinners? the well catechized and the poorly catechized?

Do we need "programming?" What purpose will the programs serve?

How can we both spiritually nourish and provide social activities? What should the balance be between them?

Once the group is formed, how can we avoid becoming "cliquish?"

What does discipleship look like within this context? How much time can we expect "disciple-makers" to devote to discipleship/evangelization/small groups?

And this is a question I've been wanting to know the answer to since I left FOCUS:
Is it fair for me to want a group of friends who "gets it?"

If the goal is deep transformation and making disciples who know how to make disciples, I'm in, 1000%. If the goal is something else, I'm not so sure.

Servant of God, Elisabeth Leseur, pray for me.

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