25 May 2016

The Pacific Coast Highway in Pictures

We had an AWESOME time on the Pacific Coast Highway. Ciara and I flew into Seattle and drove all the way to San Diego. We literally did so many things every day that I had to keep a list. We had really 3 main focuses: see anything and everything cool along the way (this meant stopping at EVERY beach town and doing all the tourist things), do a pilgrimage of the missions of St. Junipero (we hit up 11 out of 21!), and go through the Holy Doors as we passed them (we received six (I think) plenary indulgences for the Jubilee Year of Mercy!). Oh, and we wanted to do it on the cheap (which we accomplished.)

Without further ado, here are (SOME of) the pictures!

St. Junipero Serra, Apostle of California, pray for us!

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