18 January 2017

Mary, Crusher of the Serpent

Hey Hey!!!

I am in a generally very happy mood this week for a few reasons. None of them have to do with my job.

One is that I'm probably still riding that FOCUS Conference mini high. I've looked over my notes from the conference and replayed a few of the talks in my mind, and gotten some great little nuggets.

Fr. Mike Schmitz spoke to the Alumni about the importance of prayer in evangelization. Dr. J. Reyes gave a breakout on how to evangelize a parish. Both of them KILLED it and provided so much wisdom.

I'm still unpacking. (Not physically, I'm too neurotic for that. Think: Monica from friends.)

Another reason for my happy mood is that I've been doing a lot of speaking this week. I gave a workshop on evangelization on Saturday, gave the talk at both high school and middle school youth groups this week, and I'm speaking on discipleship at a Confirmation Retreat this weekend.

Speaking at these events gives me SO.MUCH.LIFE. It is so invigorating and exciting and encouraging for me to hear the feedback afterwards.

On the way home tonight I was thinking about how prideful I am because of how encouraged I feel. After thinking about it more, I'm not sure if it's only pride though. It's prideful to expect to be asked and prideful to expect thanks and praise for the talk. But is it prideful to be excited to be asked to speak? Is it prideful to be excited that someone got something out of what I said? I know my pride is always lying CLOSE to the surface of most of my thoughts, and I like to be recognized when I do something well. Also, I know that ultimately these talks are given by the Holy Spirit, who has no need of me to deliver them. But I'm thankful when He let's me! I'll have to pray more about it.

Since you're my accountability partner, blog, here's how I've been doing on my January goals:

Go running ten times.
          I've gone 4 times so far and I'm planning on going tomorrow. I'll have to step it up next week.
Spend eight hours in Adoration.
          FAIL. But I have been to Mass 9 times, which is more than I usually get to go in a month.
Write in this blog two more times.
          Ding ding ding!
Drink one gallon of water per day and eat clean for 20 days.
          I'm 10 days in so far. Haven't stopped peeing once. You're welcome.
Do something that makes me uncomfortable.
          Still working on this one.
Pray a Novena.
          I'm going to pray a Novena for the Feast of the Purification of Our Lady, starting Tuesday.  

So there you have it!

Mary, pure and lowly, pray for me!


  1. I tuned in to about 5 minutes of your Middle School talk that was live streaming on Facebook! You were recounting the Eve-Serpent interaction.

    Miss you! And we spent at least an hour in Adoration together at SEEK, so you can definitely hit that 8!

  2. Seeing things for how they are isn't prideful, I don't think. If you thought your talks were life-changing independent of the Holy Spirit, that would be one thing. I'm glad you're in a place where you can share your talents and yourself!