15 November 2011

Life Update

I think I want to start (occasionally) blogging about the ordinary occurrences of my every day life.

Today I had the worst case of the hiccups known to mankind. It was crazy. I think it is my body's way of officially saying "I'm done being sick!" (Or at least that is my interpretation.) The past week, I've been terribly sick, congested and feverish, with a bad cough. I'm learning to embrace suffering!
The weather is awesome (yesterday I wore shorts) and I am eagerly awaiting my trip home to Southlake!

After today, I have two more days of college left. Sometimes I still can't even believe that I'm IN college, and now I'm about to GRADUATE. I'm perpetually in a state of disbelief. This semester has flown by, even faster than the last, and I am SO excited to close this chapter of my life and dive fully into the next. I can't wait to see how much better I will be able to serve the Lord once I'm focusing all of my time and efforts on the mission.

Right now, I am reading Soul of the Apostolate with my teammates. It is forcing me to be radically introspective and helping me to examine my motives in prayer and the causes of my actions. I am praying that I will decrease and He will increase. I highly recommend this read, especially for those committed to the New Evangelization and for those who, by nature of their vocation, do many active works.

I'm also reading (and loving) Come Rack! Come Rope! which is a novel written about the Protestant Reformation in England in the sixteenth century. I have learned that I need fiction in my life. The works of fiction I read always speak so much about the human experience, which I appreciate because I am convinced that you can know God by knowing people to the core.

Saint Edmund Campion, pray for us!

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