25 November 2011

Thankfulness and Praise

Happy Thanksgiving to my little blog readers (if you actually exist?, sometimes I think I'm the only one who reads what I write!). I hope you have had a day filled with family, friends, food, and football, and most importantly, I hope you set some time aside to offer thanks to the One who provides us with the many gifts with which we are blessed.

This week has been tough for me. I came home encouraged and ready to go, with lofty fundraising goals and a busy schedule set for the week. The first two meetings of my week (one on Saturday and one on Monday morning) were extremely fruitful, edified me so much, and reminded me why I am a Catholic Missionary. After those two appointments, it doesn't seem like much else went right. I think that God is telling me that I need to let go of my goals and form my desires to His. In addition, I need to rely much more heavily on prayer. I need my communication with the Trinity to be comparable to breathing.... just something I do... every single minute of every single day. I want my life to be a prayer.

I love the idea of repentance, and the fact that the Father offers us a clean slate any time we ask, by going to Him in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

 I heard this song on the radio today (which I just looked up, and coincidentally is a Matt Maher song), and one line particularly struck me. It said "if you're lost and you need to be found, if you're looking for a Savior, all you gotta do is turn around." I started thinking about how it might not apply to me, because I'm already seeking God, so if I turn around, wouldn't I be going the other way? I quickly dismissed those thoughts because it occurred to me that any time I screw up, or step off the path of righteousness, even just a little, I need to make a complete 180 in my soul. When I fall off, I start seeking myself, my desires, the things that make me happy. It is particularly in those moments when I need to turn around to find the Savior, and the best part is that He's always waiting there with open arms.

The world without the light of Christ is a dark place and being a Christian is so difficult. Eternal salvation will be worth it. Christ will win the battle against sin and death, in my heart and in the world.

Tomorrow I am headed back to Auburn to finish my last semester as a student and my first semester as a missionary. Please pray for me, as I am extremely busy over the next 2 weeks, finishing school, taking finals, team offsite, regional gathering, graduation, etc.

St. Michael, the Archangel, pray for us!

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