17 January 2012


Sometimes I like to convince gullible people of silly things. I think my friend Raf has rubbed off on me a little bit (although my deceptions are clearly jokes while his are borderline stretchings of the truth.)

Once in college, I convinced my sweet friend Kristin (Duck) that one side of the soy sauce containers (you know, the ones on every table in any Asian restaurant) was no sodium soy sauce and one was regular. I invented some fabulous story about how there was a film over one side that was semipermeable, but the NaCl molecules were too large to fit through, so the soy sauce came out without sodium. She asked how you know which side is which and I told her that it was common knowledge that it was the right side.

The other day, I convinced my friend Lindsay that I had downloaded this new app on my phone that was like a "smellovision." I told her that if you google image search any fruits or vegetables, my phone screen would smell and even taste like the image. It wasn't until after she licked my phone that I told her I was full of bologna.

In addition, I enjoy playing pranks on my sweet teammates. A few months ago, I antiqued Michael and Brian while they were sleeping peacefully on a camping trip. If you don't know what "antiquing" is, google it. I'll try to figure out how to post the video soon. (They will be thrilled.)

Also, when Michael texts me, I often respond "The Verizon Wireless user you are trying to reach is no longer available." I find this quite funny.

The bottom line is that I LOVE good, wholesome, fun.
and... I still have a few tricks still up my sleeve :)

Saint Philip Neri, pray for us!

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  1. You are outrageous. And St. Philip Neri is FOCUS at MIT's patron saint. So thank you. And pray for us!