26 January 2012

Teammate Profiles

I have often been guilty of posting this as my facebook status: True Life: I'm obsessed with my teammates. For those of you who are unfamiliar, True Life was a show on MTV a while back and they'd snapshot a few people who have a certain trait. (True Life: I'm a Textaholic, True Life: I Have Annoying Parents, True Life: My Favorite Color is Yellow, etc.)

God is so great and knows so me so well that He put me on the perfect team, for me. They're not perfect, we as a team are not perfect, but I think (hope) they feel the same way as I do when I say we're perfect for each other, right now.

I wanted to let you, my faithful blog readers, get an insight into my amazing teammates, so I've captured a few facts here for your enjoyment.

We'll begin with Katie O.

She is the Boss, the woman in charge. (This image pretty accurately describes her!) I've known and loved Katie for over two years, but team life brings knowledge of a person to an entirely new level. Katie is FIERCE. She can shoot guns and she loves debating about politics. Katie is an amazing Team Director. She epitomizes servant leadership. One time, I was having a bad day and Katie sent me a copy of her favorite novel to make me realize that I wasn't alone in the battle for souls. (Come Rack! Come Rope!, check it out!!) Words can't describe the awesome things Katie is doing for God's Kingdom. She is so great at encouraging and challenging and guiding our team so that we can be holier, more virtuous, and more Christ-like as we aim to serve the students on Auburn's campus.

Next we have Katie Sanders.

Katie discipled me last year and now we're teammates! SO cool! (This picture is before I knew her, but definitely shows Katie's silly side!) We've known each other for about a year and a half and we've basically been best friends since the day we met. Katie is a shopaholic but she's so virtuous that she keeps her shopping habit in check. She keeps me humble when my pride tells me to go nuts and is one of my favorite people to laugh with. Katie loves with EVERYTHING that she has and she has taught me so much about seeing people the way Christ sees them. I lean on Katie when I'm in any sort of bind and she holds my hand when I need her. She knows my flaws and loves me despite them. She has an incredible zeal for the souls of the women God has entrusted to her on this campus, and she wants EVERYONE to go with her to Heaven.

Now for the boys MEN!

Meet Brian!

HAHA! This picture was taken last weekend in Baltimore at the Student Leadership Summit (More on that to come soon!) and yes, those are banana runts. Brian and I are about to have our one year friendaversery in February! This summer, Brian was a last minute addition to our team (most placements were given at the end of week one of New Staff Training, and we found out Brian was coming to Auburn at the end of week four!) and we were beyond excited to have him! Most people would describe him as quiet, but they'd be wrong. He's kinda quirky and often hard to read. (I'm still not completely sure if he thinks I'm just plain obnoxious... I do tend to go overboard on the nicknames I give him.) Brian loves Nebraska (Go Big Red!) and EVERYTHING about it. (He even knows the state grass.) He also likes corn and I think that when he daydreams, he's dreaming about cornfields. (I project a lot of my thoughts onto him and I often tell people what he's thinking... and I'm nearly always completely wrong.) I tried to get him to side with me in the prank war against Michael, but his loyalty was too strong, so he's often collateral damage when I prank Michael. (Sorry I'm not sorry?) Brian is really holy and he is a GREAT missionary!

Last.. (but not least... fine!) is Michael!

One of my favorite hobbies is giving Michael a hard time. I'm not sure when we became arch enemies, but it happened sometime between Team Offsite in August (where we were basically olympic swimmers) and the Catholic Student Organization's Camping Trip in October. In this picture he is dressed up like a basketball player (for the Halloween Hop, we were the FOCUS 5. We BROKE IT DOWN on the dance floor to NSYNC's Bye Bye Bye and we were voted the second best group costume.) Michael is forgetful when it comes to little things (pens... backpacks... books... the list goes on) but he puts a lot of effort into the things that matter. You can find Michael spending an inordinate amount of time prepping for Bible Study... but it's only because he wants to make sure that the men in his studies get the most out of their time together. He's a nerd... (if you can't tell from this picture) and an engineer (although I haven't seen his degree with my own eyes.) He is energized by relationships which is why this job is perfect for him. Michael will probably become a priest... and if he hurries up (and if I'm called to marriage) I might let him concelebrate... or at least be the altar server. He's a great brother!

So there you have it; that is my team. I LOVE THEM!

Here are a few pictures (and a special surprise at the end) for your enjoyment!

Saints Paul, Timothy, and Titus, pray for us!

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  1. This just made me smile SO big! Y'all are all just so great and radiate God's light!! May God bless you in your journey through life. Stay strong and rooted in the Lord! :)