02 February 2014

Hopes & Dreams

Do you ever just get so swept up in your thoughts about the future?

There are SO many things that I want to do. Sometimes it is overwhelming.

When its cold outside, I long for warm nights outside when the sun goes down around 9pm, and when it's hot I can't wait for sweaters and pumpkin flavored things and leaves changing.

When I'm sick of my routine, I think about traveling to see sweet friends that I miss, and when I'm away from home I can't wait to get back.

When I get on a health kick I crave junk food, and when I get off my health kick I feel like crap.

There are always so many ways I want to improve myself. I want to learn so many things. I want to play tennis, I want to read more, I want to start riding again, I want to pray more, I want to learn to quilt, I want to be a better cook, I want to play the piano, I want to speak more spanish and paint more.

Not to mention, right now I'm working 48-50 hours per week and I'm studying for the CFP about 10 hours per week. There's only so much time, you know? I feel like the only solution is to just sleep less.

I really don't know how people do it! Sometimes it seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to do all of the things I want to do.

Our Lady of Expectation, pray for us!

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