20 November 2014

Life Update

I've been thinking about my little blog lately but I just haven't thought of anything interesting to write about.

I've been very busy at work putting in extra time and effort to be in the top 10% in my department. The purpose is so that I can get promoted sooner which means moving to Denver sooner. I just have to work very hard this quarter and next so that I can have a track record to back up my big bragging mouth when I go to interview in May. (As far as the job I will be interviewing for... that's still up in the air... the good news is that from this job I have many options.)

I finished my CFP Prerequisite Classes last week. It has been nine months of late Friday nights and early Saturday mornings in the office getting all of this coursework done and I am so relieved to be finished. Now, I will study (on my own time, in my own pajamas) for the exam in March. I'm so glad that I started when I did with the CFP. It is something that will serve me very well in my career. I'm also thankful that by the time I realized how much work it was going to be, I was already in too deep to quit.

My roommate from college, Caralyn, and I have been praying and fasting for each other during a 40 day novena that will end on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I have prayed diligently for her and her future spouse, and I have fasted poorly. It's difficult to give up the snooze button when your very first unconscious thought hits it each day. Sass, if you're reading this... I suck and I'm sorry. I'm trying.

I also started to train for a 5k that I will be running in the spring. It's part of my goal to run a 10k this year. A 5k, or a 10k for that matter, isn't a very lofty goal but the discipline that comes with the training schedule was much needed in my life. I'm hating it, but growing from it.

I also booked a trip to Denver for early December and I am very excited!!

St. Gemma, pray for us.

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