02 February 2017

O Gloriosa Virginum

Today is the Feast of the Purification of Mary, when Simeon told her that her own heart would be pierced by a sword.

O glorious Virgin, ever blest, sublime among the stars above,
Who gavest nurture from Thy breast to God, with pure maternal love.
What man hath lost through sinful Eve, the Blossom sprung from thee restores;
Thou to the sorrowing here beneath hast opened Heaven's eternal doors.
O Gate, through which hath passed the King, O Hall, whence Light shone through the gloom!
The ransomed nations praise and sing the Offspring of Thy Virgin womb.
All honor, laud, and glory be, O Jesus, Virgin-born, to Thee:
All glory, as is ever meet, to Father and to Paraclete.

Here's a great choral version:

Happy Feast Day! 

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